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myAdjustimate Property

Tap, click, report!


Labels, sorts and syncs inspection photos.

Here’s how it works – you perform your property inspection as usual, but using only your phone and the myAdjustiMate app. (No clipboards, pens, or extra bulk!) As you take pictures of the site, you can easily mark them up with notes.

The myAdjustiMate app automatically sorts your pictures based on priority and archives them in folders with easy-to-read, common-sense file names. You can even come back later and take more photos and myAdjustiMate will keep them organized. The photos you take will be synced to your Dropbox account automatically.

From there, you can directly upload the photos and notes into your reporting software (such as Xactimate). That’s it! Download the myAdjustiMate app today and see how much time you can save on your next inspection.

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